Joe Mitchell
Coordinator, Democracy Club

We got a dose of years' worth of research expertise in a 45 minute phone call.

Danny Hutley
Impact and Learning Advisor, The Foundation

At the Foundation we help people affected by issues in Asia and Latin America to create movements from their petitions. Now we want to understand their impact even further by studying how these campaigns increase the salience of issues in the broader community. A key question for us was how to measure saliency. In two short calls I got an overview of the research on this and was able to come up with several great ideas.

Kathy Chiron
President, League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia

Collaborating with reasearch4impact is amazing!  What started with one simple application on-line has developed into a very exciting project to help the League of Women Voters of DC develop a GOTV campaign.  I’m very much looking forward to using strategies for the 2020 election cycle learned from our 2016 tests that we are planning and implementing now.  My team of faculty advisors has been incredibly accessible and generous with their time and expertise.  Thank you!