Heather Marquette
Professor at U of Birmingham & Senior Research Fellow at UK's Dept of Int'l Development

In late 2019 we were invited to give a "How to be Helpful" workshop at the University of Birmingham, organized by Heather Marquette. She is a professor in the School of Government as well as a Senior Research Fellow at UK's DFID (Department for Int'l Development). At DFID she works on the front lines to figure out the best way to use evidence to improve governance and reduce corruption around the world. Here's what she reported afterwards about the workshop:

"We were very happy to have Adam come to speak to us. The group was an eclectic mix of experienced research leaders, mid-career researchers looking to take their impact work to the next level and PhD students looking for insights on how they can plan for effective engagement for impact. Adam was incredibly helpful and developed a practical and engaging workshop that spoke to all audiences and sparked great discussions, both during the workshop and afterwards."

Piyush Tantia
Chief Innovation Officer

In November 2019 ideas42 invited us to lead our "How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact" workshop. Here's what Piyush reported afterwards:

"'How to be Helpful' delivered highly valuable and practical tips for how we can manage our own teams better at ideas42, and also provided useful insights for our external work on designing and implementing innovations at large organizations. The workshop is also unique in that it draws on scientific evidence in addition to practical experience."

Lewis Scott
Doctoral Researcher, School of Politics and International Relations

In October 2019 Lewis invited us to lead our "How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact" workshop as part of the professional development training for PhD/post-graduate students at the University of Nottingham. Here's what he shared afterwards: 

"We were very happy to have this presentation as part of our student-led professional development programme for postgraduate researchers. It was very refreshing to hear practical suggestions for how to engage with organisations to increase the impact of our research. We're looking forward to putting those suggestions into practice as we begin our research careers!"

Jeremy Garson
Legal Counsel and Operations Coordinator

In 2019 Jeremy invited us to lead a modified version of our "How to be Helpful" workshop, focusing especially on the obstacles to forming new working relationships with others who have diverse knowledge, such as potential new coalition partners. Here's what he shared afterwards:

"Adam was kind enough to do a podcast style presentation on "Obstacles to Forming New Working Relationships" for our member organizations. He was incredibly easy to work with as we prepared for the presentation, and he was personable and engaging throughout the presentation itself. We covered a lot of territory over the course of the presentation, but one lesson stood out above the rest -- it's one thing to know the obstacles and how to overcome them, and it's quite another to turn theory into practice. Adam shows how to do just that."

Jaclyn Piatak
Associate Professor of Political Science & Public Administration

In 2019 Jaclyn reached out to us because she wanted to collaborate with a nonprofit to study how volunteer management practices influence volunteer satisfaction. Several nonprofits responded to her blurb in the r4i newsletter. Here's what she shared afterwards:

"One of my colleagues informed me about r4i as a resource to connect researchers with practitioners. I found the perfect organization to work with that had overlapping interests, existing surveys to share, and mechanisms to share out my own survey. I could not have imagined the caliber of organizations interested in my project nor a better partnership. Thanks so much for this resource!"