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On May 7, 2021 what we're learning at research4impact was the keynote address at the University of Auckland's Research Translation Day.

We collaborated with Scholars Strategy Network to produce this nifty how-to guide for other organizations that want to build matchmaking into their work.

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In August 2020 we spoke about the art and science of matchmaking researchers and community members at the International Research Impact Summit, hosted by Tamika Heiden in Melbourne, Australia. 

In April 2020 we gave the keynote address and helped organize the first-ever Behavioral Science Hackathon at the Center for Social and Behavioral Science (at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign).

In Feb 2020 we presented "How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact" at Yale's Institute for Social and Policy Studies. Attendees were a mix of ISPS Director's Fellows (distinguished undergraduates) and ISPS Graduate Policy Fellows (distinguished PhD students).

In November 2019 we presented "How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact" workshop to students in the Masters of Behavioral and Decision Sciences (MBDS) program at the University of Pennsylvania.

In November 2019 we presented our "How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact" workshop to Master's students enrolled in the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs.

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