research4impact members connect with each other on their own via our interactive online platform. They also use our personalized matchmaking services. In 2018 40 pairs of researchers and practitioners used our matchmaking services. Read below for more on how these work and what we're learning about how to build successful relationships between researchers and practitioners.


  • Connecting with others on your own:

Step 1 of 2: Create a research4impact profile

Click here to create a profile. Provide some biographical information, an overview of the work you’ve done in the past, and an overview of your current goals and interests as well as any problems and questions you are facing in your work. You can edit your profile as often as you’d like. Also read our advice on creating a good profile.

Step 2 of 2: Connect to others

--Search the full set of profiles to find others that share your interests. Reach out to potential communication partners and/or collaborators directly via the site.

--Post an announcement to the r4i network. Whereas profiles contain an overview of you and your work, announcements contain calls for conversations and/or time-sensitive collaboration opportunities as they arise. They are then compiled and sent via one large email newsletter to all r4i users.

The conversations that result are typically short, high-impact, and highly personalized. Collaborations are longer term endeavors that typically involve a bit more matchmaking upfront. Here are good practices for successful collaborations.

Finally check out this great read: a 2018 article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review for information about how r4i is pioneering new ways to build relationships between researchers and practitioners.


  • Our (free) hands-on, personalized matchmaking services:

Many folks from the network want a bit more background information and help finding conversation partners and collaborators. To help facilitate these connections, we also offer more hands-on matchmaking organized by Adam Levine, the President of the r4i Board.

If you're a practitioner: There's cool research out there that could help you solve tricky problems you're facing. Click here to be connected with a researcher for a high-impact, fun, and personalized conversation!

If you're a researcher: Many practitioners -- folks in the nonprofit and governance spaces -- are looking to collaborate on new, exciting projects. If you're ready to take the plunge, email Adam and let's go!


  • What we're learning!

So far we've matched over 40 pairs of researchers and practitioners. Here's what we're learning about building successful researcher-practitioner relationships:

1. Why do practitioners want to connect with researchers? (Summary + 10 page article; also describes our matchmaking methodology)

2. When do practitioners want to connect with researchers? (1 page brief)

3. Do practitioners prefer to connect with researchers who are local? (1 page brief)

4. When they connect with researchers, are practitioners time-sensitive? (1 page brief)

5. Do practitioners prefer do-it-yourself or hands-on matchmaking? (1 page brief)

6. Do researchers want to engage with practitioners? (1 page brief)