Abiola Oyebanjo
Founder, Empower Local People (Based in Nigeria)

In 2019 Abiola reached out to connect with a researcher to learn about research related to volunteer engagement. He was quickly matched with a researcher to talk about that topic as well as research on how to build trust as a new NGO. Afterwards he said this:

"Though my initial plan was to get some advice on improving volunteer engagement for our NGO, I was overwhelmed by how Prof. Jeffrey dug into the core of our vision and gave invaluable insights on ways in gaining the trust of our project beneficiaries, which was a big nut to crack.  The information he provided aligned to my very life-long belief that if one has to help other people, they must find you to be genuine. Having to gain insights that combines value-based principles, professional field experiences and personal drive was awesome and we are making steps to reboot our process so as to propel an NGO that delivers lasting and positive change to businesswomen in local cities in Nigeria."

Miguel Pereira
Political Scientist at Washington Univ in St. Louis

In 2019 Miguel reached out because he wanted to connect with a nonprofit organization to study what drives local elected officials to learn and adopt new policies. Using the research4impact newsletter, we made a new connection that has led to a brand-new collaboration. Here's what he reported afterwards:

"I first heard about Research4Impact at an annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. Adam was describing the goals of the organization and his excitement and passion about the project were contagious. I reached out to him a couple of months later with an idea for a collaboration with an environmental organization working with local governments. He quickly shared the idea to the 600+ person r4i community via the r4i newsletter. Within two weeks I was in touch with a colleague who was interested in similar work and offered to share the idea with 350 Seattle. Thanks to r4i we are about to field a collaborative study, less than four months after Adam brought us together."

Olivia Chow
Institute for Change Leaders Founder & Former Member of Parliament in Canada

April 2019 in Ontario, Canada:

The Institute for Change Leaders invited us to lead How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact as part of one of their trainings. Olivia, the founder and head of the Institute, shared this afterwards:

"Adam provided excellent insight on how to build relationships for social impact. We know that building stronger organizations requires reaching out and having conversations with new people. He provides a useful, practical, and portable structure for how to have those conversations. Very engaging and really brings the academic insights to life!"

Anna Ebers
ORISE Science and Technology Policy Fellow (Based in Washington DC)

In March 2019 Anna took part in our hands-on matchmaking. She was looking to connect with social scientists studying behavioral barriers and opportunities for solar energy diffusion. Here's what she said afterwards: 

"Adam puts his heart and mind into building bridges -- in my case, between the public sector and academia. After a short phone call, he connected me with three highly-relevant social scientists studying how to expand the use of solar technologies. I already had a phone call and an in-person meeting with them and we're looking forward to talking again during upcoming conferences."

Sutton Eaves
Generation Squeeze (Based in Canada)

Recently Sutton reached out to connect with a researcher via our hands-on matchmaking. A short, high-impact conversation can go a long way: 

"As part of its work to engage Canadians around affordability issues like housing and childcare, Generation Squeeze undertook some audience research that explored, among other things, how describing the challenges people are facing might impact their willingness to take action. R4I matched us up with a researcher who offered some great ideas on how to structure member and Google surveys, and ways to compare the views of existing supporters with the general population. Even though the connection was just one phone call and a few emails, the value was huge. Thank you again for making the introduction."