Sutton Eaves
Generation Squeeze (Based in Canada)

Recently Sutton reached out to connect with a researcher via our hands-on matchmaking. A short, high-impact conversation can go a long way: 

"As part of its work to engage Canadians around affordability issues like housing and childcare, Generation Squeeze undertook some audience research that explored, among other things, how describing the challenges people are facing might impact their willingness to take action. R4I matched us up with a researcher who offered some great ideas on how to structure member and Google surveys, and ways to compare the views of existing supporters with the general population. Even though the connection was just one phone call and a few emails, the value was huge. Thank you again for making the introduction."

Claudia Quintanilla
Director Capacity Development, Rare

February 2019 in Cebu, Philippines:

Rare invited us to lead our "How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact" workshop as part of their Global Fish Forever Summit. This summit included 50+ staff members from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Here's what Claudia (one of the summit's organizers) shared afterwards:

“Adam was a great addition to our Fish Forever Summit in the Philippines! In preparation for the event, he took the time to understand our program implementation staff, welcoming ideas on how to make his presentation relevant to the opportunities and challenges they face in establishing voluntary collaborative relationships.  He was engaging, informative and fun, built off participant’s experiences and provided ample space for practice and questions. We’re excited to apply our new skills in workshops, site visits, meetings, remote and in-person mentoring and many more interactions across our diverse stakeholder networks.”

Carina Barnett-Loro
Senior Program Manager, Climate Advocacy Lab

January 2019 in Washington DC:

The Climate Advocacy Lab, a 501c3 that helps climate and clean energy advocates run smarter public engagement camapigns, invited us to lead our "How to be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact" workshop as part of their Research + Experimentation seminar with 40+ academics and practitioners. Afterwards, Carina wrote:

"I appreciated that the workshop distilled a number of the social science insights we often talk about as critical to powerful volunteer programs into a single framework – one that can be applied to lots of different types of relationships, in the campaign world and beyond. After the workshop, I found myself identifying many of the ideas he identified and skills he demonstrated as I moved through the rest of my day, trying my best to “be helpful”!"

Joe Mitchell
Coordinator, Democracy Club (based in the UK)

In 2018 Joe requested our hands-on matchmaking service. He wanted to connect with a researcher to talk about new ways of measuring Democracy Club's impact. Afterwards he said this about the experience:

"We got a dose of years' worth of research expertise in a 45 minute phone call."

Danny Hutley
Impact and Learning Advisor, The Foundation (based in Australia)

In 2018 Danny requested our hands-on matchmaking service. He was looking for an overview of a literature as well as some new ideas about measuring the impact of their work. Here's what he said about the experience afterwards:

"At the Foundation we help people affected by issues in Asia and Latin America to create movements from their petitions. Now we want to understand their impact even further by studying how these campaigns increase the salience of issues in the broader community. A key question for us was how to measure saliency. In two short calls I got an overview of the research on this and was able to come up with several great ideas."