Many social scientists and practitioners are working to understand and solve the same problems: poverty, climate change, hunger, poor education, low political engagement, unaffordable health care, and so on. They know that sharing expertise, and perhaps even collaborating on a research project, would accelerate progress.

Yet they are part of very different social networks. This means they are not sure who to connect with, and they often want guidance about how to build successful working relationships with those who have very diverse forms of expertise.

research4impact (r4i) helps on both fronts. We make it easy to not just share information, but to build enjoyable working relationships to learn from and alongside new people and have fun while doing it!

Two of our services answer the who question:

--Hands-on matchmaking

--An online platform for self-matchmaking

Both are useful for folks interested in working relationships that involve short-term conversations or longer-term collaborations. Conversations are short, high-impact discussions with a very specific purpose in mind, typically to share knowledge relevant to solving an acute, pressing problem. Collaborations are long-term projects in which partners carry out new research together. It may be an original randomized controlled trial, survey, set of interviews, archival work, and so on. Alternatively, collaborations may leverage existing or recurring data collection that is either publicly available or has been collected by one of the partners. Either way, these new working relationships produce new discoveries, solve tricky problems, build organizational capacity, and improve our lives.

Our third service answers the how question:

--Interactive workshops on how to build diverse working relationships

Even once the "who" question is answered people who are interacting with others who have very diverse forms of expertise -- based on local knowledge, research, personal experience, professional experience, and so on -- often want guidance about how to build successful working relationships. Our interactive workshop does just that. We provide a framework rooted in the behavioral science of relationship-building, along with many opportunities to practice (including relationship-building bingo!). We help people (a) effectively share what they know and (b) actively encourage others to effectively share what they know. So far we've delivered it hundreds of researchers and practitioners in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Overall, the r4i community is growing and wide-ranging, and includes academics (political scientists, economists, behavioral scientists, psychologists, communications researchers, and many others), policy analysts, nonprofit leaders, government officials, and others who work on pressing problems in the public and private sphere.

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