Research4Impact connects people from the academic, nonprofit, and governance spaces who are interested in collaborating with each other. Collaborations answer important questions, increase the effectiveness of policies and programs, and ultimately improve our quality of life.

That's the short version.

Here's the long version:

Academics, nonprofits, and governments often share a common desire to use evidence and data to help achieve their goals, and in many cases the topics they’re interested in overlap.

While we've long known there is demand for collaboration across spaces, what's been missing is an easy way for potential collaborators to find each other. That’s where research4impact (r4i) comes in. We provide an opportunity for people to express their interest in collaborating and start conversations with others who share their interests.

The r4i community is wide-ranging, and includes academics (political scientists, economists, behavioral scientists, psychologists, communications researchers, and many others), policy analysts, nonprofit leaders, and others who work on pressing problems in the public and private sphere. The key is that they share an interest in learning and improving their work by working with others outside their organization, discipline, or comfort zone.

In some cases collaborators may carry out new research together – such as an original randomized controlled trial, survey, set of interviews, archival work, and so on. Alternatively, a collaboration may leverage existing or recurring data collection that is either publicly available or has been collected by one of the partners. And in other cases people may use r4i simply to connect and brainstorm with new people that share their interests.

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